Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tuesday 25th November

Fortune favours the brave.

Weather-man John Orton had a new concept to avoid being blamed for the weather (and then being set upon by the mob) - set the task first, fly the task, then present the weather briefing. Good idea but not for today, so he braved one more forecast then launched near the front of the grid and tried to stay in front of the mob for the whole flight.
Excellent conditions with strong climbs to 6500' and good streeting under Cu for nearly all the task. Pilots reported passing up 4.5 knot climbs in favour of 6 to 7 knots.
The cloud which had been forecast to dissappear before launch did eventually blue out about 30 kms from home on the last leg.
Terry Cubley obviously made the best of the Cu with a circling percentage of 18% and 21 km average glides at a mean L/D of 59.
Pilots were very happy to be flying in such great conditions after spending the last few days on the ground.
The weather-man is in the good books again.
Club Class to Steve Jinks (wether-man John Orton second!)
18m Class to Terry Cubley

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